The exalted audience of Odessa have been awaiting Adriano Celentano’s visit. The incredibly talented modern version of Adriano Celentano, his double Adolfo Sebastiani was able to present them with this unique opportunity and recreate the image and the incredible voice loved by millions.

The official double of Adriano Celentano performs the most popular hits of the legend, and the sophisticated public simply adore everything he does. The unique rhythm, the Italian melodies, the beautiful ballads, the simplicity of street songs, the lyrics performed by the talented Adolfo Sebastiani have made the audience fall in love with the artist at the very first sight.

This never ending love affair between the public and the talent of the actor and singer Adriano Celentano started from the movies of the last century. The famous songs that we all heard in films were performed on stage by Adolfo Sebastiani, the front man of the best show in the world “Adriano Celentano tribute”